Return to school in France: “This prevention tool is efficient and safe”

When the infectious disease of COVID-19 is prevailing, the virus spreads over the whole world without recognizing borders, the whole world is seized with the panic. According to the latest news, the cumulative number of confirmed cases in France exceeds 180,000.

Luckily, it is shown from the data of France, since early May, the relative rate of increase in the number of cases decreases continually as the cumulative number of patients increase. The situation appeared to have improved because more aid had begun to reach the region. The people began to return to work and study from May 11. But how to avoid further cross-infection? Fever is one of the warning signs of COVID-19, locate and isolate people with fever is definitely an effective way to avoid further virus expansion in public.

Thanks to our customer Tiberide’s efforts, UNV temperature screening products now is helping students return to school securely for Flachat Primary School in Paris. The products are simple to install and easy to use. Compare with the traditional tools of temperature screening, non-contact detection is much safer and can avoid cross-infection. And high accuracy screening (detection error of ± 0.4 ℃) will not miss any abnormal condition. The voice alerts create and enforce immediate staff awareness during the morning rush hour, people with fever can be indicate at the first moment.

"We are trying the best we can do to help reopening of schools," said Marie Do Aeschlimann, director of the School Administration department, "These products are definitely essential prevention tools, same as masks. It’s important to deliver them into schools to help students return to school efficient and safe.”

Uniview, together with our customer Tiberide, is taking responsibility in helping to fight against Covid-19. With a rich series of body temperature screening products, Uniview Temperature Screening Products will be delivered not only to an extra 36 schools in the city, but also to other public places.

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