Solution Background

Casino is a facility which accommodates certain types of gambling activities. There are high volume of people flow and changeable lighting in casino, but traditional cameras are not likely to produce clear image under this complicated environment. In addition, all equipments and systems used in casinos have to comply with the requirements of video surveillance standards from different countries and areas, aiming to help security officers protect guests, employees and valuable assets. Hence, casino video surveillance solution are facing a great challenge in reducing fraud and ensuring safety.

Uniview has been dedicating to the video surveillance industry for more than ten years, and accumulated rich experience and knowledge in casino video surveillance. And as a professional survillance solution provider, UNV casino video survillance solution could be applied in alll kinds of casino-related survillance scenarios.

Challenges and Solutions


  • Property safety, fraud, sabotage
  • Requirement for monitoring gambling operation
  • Effectively help to investigate and identify fraudulent behavior
  • High cost of IT room, difficult to maintain
  • Lack of video recording safety and system stability


  • 7*24 no-blind HD video surveillance
  • Ultra-high definition IP camera
  • Various VMS functions help to locate incidence rapidly
  • Advanced NGN architecture, easy to expand
  • NVR & IP Storage redundant video recording design, VMS 1+1 failover, IP Storage N+1 failover

Casino Scenarios

Solution Topology

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